R9D56 – Base And Back

Yeah I know, finally a P90X2 workout! Seems like forever since I actually put a DVD in the machine, in fact, my last P90X2 workout was Feb 11. So much for round 9 being P90X2. However, I have worked through the program doing the workouts and only have Phase 3 left to conquer which includes the oddly named PAP Upper and PAP Lower. In fact I am not sure that I have ever done the Base and Back workout, it seemed completely new to me and going back over the last few months I can’t find a time when I did! Looking at the day (56) I think it is about time to move on to the last phase, the Performance Phase since I have been doing the same things as Strength Phase for a while now. I figure I can work in some of the PAP system into the Bootcamp and be completely done with P90X2 in another 30 days leaving 2 months of Bootcamp 3 to go until the summer hits in full swing. I’m probably going to be doing P90X2 workouts for the rest of the Spring and Summer however just to make sure I get a good feel for them like I do with P90X. Of course, I am hoping not to be disappointed in the PAP system, I am going in completely dark on purpose to give me the best shot at muscle confusion. Because I don’t typically use repetition sets in my bootcamp workout I find them frustrating on the DVDs, I just hope it’s not a 6 move set repeated a dozen times! We’ll see…

As for the base and back workout I found it pretty easy to be honest, I did around 110 pullups out on the deck which is the best thing about this warm weather we are having. I found the plyo portion to be easy since I do most of that stuff for bootcamp anyway and in much tougher circumstances. I am not really getting any better at pullups, I still struggle to do more than 10 sets of 10 and I haven’t yet tried to do my 10 in 10 test which would be 10 sets of 10 pullups in 10 minutes. But I spent most of my life, from being a chunky kid in school who couldn’t climb the rope to a hulking monster at the gym who still couldn’t do the whole stack on the lat pulldown machine and stayed clear of the pullup station, not being able or willing to do any pullups at all. I remember a couple of years ago when I first started trying them in the gym I couldn’t do more than a couple. I used to watch this one guy who would come in and do 6 or 7 in a row and I would think it was magic or voodoo, especially since he had big triceps but not big lats. However it didn`t take long before I was able to squeeze out a couple, and with the help of heavy pulldowns on a Cybex machine I finally graduated to being 3 or 4. I figured if I could do that many I could just pretend I was at the end of a tough workout!! In any event it wasn`t until Tony and the gang came along that I really started to improve and for that, I thank them!

P90X2 Base + Back Review

It’s Plyo and Pullups!

This workout includes X2 Ab Ripper and starts with the standard warmup:

Stability ball work
twists, squats, side bends, lunge back, shelf stockers.

Foam Rolling – Myofascial release using the foam roller
This is a great section to do daily and even better to go into more detail with when you have tight spots or knots.
Roller Sphinx
Worlds Greatest stretch (runners stretch with a double twist) alternating legs with brief hold each count.
Inch Worm – from standing, hands on floor, walk out to plank and back
Scorpion – Laying face down arms out 90 degrees, bend knee bring your foot up to your butt and lift away from the floor. Gently twist the leg to the opposite side of the body but don’t go too far!
Groiners – runners stretch jumping foot switch
Leg Swing – A well knows ballistic stretch to soccer players. Basically swinging leg forward and backwards and side to side with the leg straight.
Scapular Retraction – can be done on a chin up bar or with bands, extend the shoulders up and out from the sockets then pull back and together with the shoulder blades

The Workout:

No Kip Pullup – Strength only, no beat, no swing
Plyo Frog Squat – Legs wide, squat touch floor then jump with hands up or in prayer
Wide Leg Close Grip Chin Up – Reverse grip, legs apart
Chair Jump –  From Chair position, bring hands down and jump up
Chin Pull –  2 narrow then 2 wide pullups alternating
Plyo Lunge Press – Mary Katherines with a shoulder press during the jump
V Pullup –  Pull ups with chin meeting hand, switch each side each time
Surfer Spin – 1/2 or full jump turns
Kippy Cross Fugly Pull – AKA Cheaters, F’ing Ugly or End Of Days. Lift knees to assist, or beat swing
Jack In The Box Knee Tuck – Touch floor to tuck jump
Water Break

Second Round Is The Same Again!

Cool Down