Western Professor Off The Deep End – Don’t Smoke Eggs!

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I am saddened to see such drivel coming out of my Alma Mater but I couldn’t help but notice the oversensationalized headline in the paper that EGG YOLKS ARE AS BAD AS CIGARETTES!!! I tried to sweep it under the carpet of common sense but I just couldn’t. Thank goodness then that Mark Sisson of […]

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R8D64 – Someone Tell The Children What To Eat

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I did the RKC with pushups and extras last night. 12345 C&P with 10 pushps after each set 5 C&P with 10 pushups x 12 5 snatches with 10 single arm swings plus 10 double swings x 3 It’s great that you can scale and adjust the RKC to get the workout that you need […]

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Day 50 – REST WEEK 2 BEGINS!!!

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Yoga – Rest Week 2 I made it to rest week 2. I learned from rest week 1 not to expect much of a break but rather to understand that the rest is only to give you a break from pullups and free weights. I thoroughly enjoyed it last time and felt a great deal […]

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Day 45 – The Turn

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**Note to future self – That Nutrition course is bullshit, most of what you will hear is bullshit. Paleo is the answer to the lipid hypothesis lies and deceit. I can’t believe the state we are in due to the Canada Food Guide or the Standard American Diet – August 2011   Plyo – August […]

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Day 3 – Better Late Than Never

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Shoulders and Arms plus Ab Ripper We had a busy day today driving to Hastings for a family get together and after all was said and done it was 7pm when we got through the door at home. However I am still in the romance phase with P90X and nothing was going to stop me […]

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