10.88 – Bootcamp Last Day (Weights)

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D23 4.12.2 Weights (Last Day) 10 Clean 10 Swings 10 Clean and Press 10 Swings 10 Curl and press 10 Swings Sitting on Stability Balls Sets of 10 each x2 Overhead pullover Laying Fly face up Sitting press Sitting curl Double Tricep extension 15 Wallball x2 Plank row Floor laying chest fly Low kneel shoulder […]

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Day 82 – Redemption (I am so lost sometimes)

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So my last entry lamenting the fact that I missed my last weights day was a little premature. Fact is that I have one day left. The day 81 workout was the Kenpo that I switched with Yoga leaving me with Legs and Back today and then Yoga on Friday (or not, as noted). So […]

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