R7D88 – P90X2 and Cindy (Kicking My Ass)

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Its finally here for pre-order, P90X2, the much anticipated sequel 2 years in the making (make that actually 7 years waiting for those who got the P90X bug in 2004). You can check out the new¬†glitzy looking P90X2 page here. I’m bothered by a couple of things already. First is the name, could they really […]

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Round 4 Days 26-28 (Rest Week) – Rest and Fit Test

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So I figured I should take some time to unwind my body and change things up a bit. I was scheduled for a 4 day run of Core Synergistics and Core, Cardio and Balance however after a day of running and one installment of CC&B I figured I would make a change. So instead I […]

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