A Word About P90X3 and Summer WOD Pictures (of the workout!)

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As you all know very well I am a very big P90X fan, so much so I am actually a Canadian Beachbody Coach. However, the rumours surrounding the release of P90X3 have me a little worried. For a start, the big THING is that it’s only 30 minutes. Now, I have done a LOT of […]

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R8D60 – Two Thirds. Time Is About To Fly.


I’m still trying to get back into the swing after my sickness. It’s not that I feel sick, just that I can’t seem to generate the same kind of crushing momentum I had before. Maybe it’s the weather, this time of year is a real pain to keep motivated, grey days, rain, cold, all of […]

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Forced Rest – My Aching Body and What The Kids Do

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I had a busy day, not only was work a bear with a bizarre domain expiry causingĀ havocĀ for our domain name but also I was asked to sub for 2 people meaning after a long day at work I rushed home, got changed in the foyer of the house and rushed to the gym with seconds […]

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DAY 58 – Put Down The Pork

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Plyometrics The workouts are the easy part, the real challenge is writing about it every day! Actually, looking at the scale this morning, the diet is obviously the challenge for me. Rest week obviously made my body think we were on vacation and didn’t have to bother losing any weight. Plyo is one of my […]

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Day 38 – 1 Week To The Top

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Back, Biceps I always imagine the half way point of any venture as the top of the mountain, once you are past half way, things always seem to go more quickly towards the finish line. One week from today I will be half way through the P90X program and although my “transformation” is not significant, […]

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