Frosh Week Is Over. The Punishment Never Ends…

your-missionWhat now?
Frosh Week is over, there will be a maximum of 3 workouts posted here each week from gym so what do you do in the mean time? In other words, how do I build my own workout.

Here’s a quick method.

How many workouts a week? Should be 6 so I will go with that. If you can only manage 4 then welcome to the Frosh 15. Again.

1. Upper body
2. Lower body and abs
3. Cardio
4. Upper body
5. Lower body and abs
6. Cardio
7. Rest

If you really only want to do a 4 day split you can do a push / pull approach but there is no getting away from cardio.

1. Pushups and Squats
2. Pullups and Abs
3. Bootcamp full body
4. Cardio

I suggest the 6 day workouts, you can make it a heavy 3 and a light 3 if you like, just stay active. Here is a list of just some of the exercises you can try. Also there are about 170 entries tagged with bootcamp of one sort or another, just click on the word in the tag cloud to see them.

Upper Body

Pushups – Military, Spider, Clap, Plyo, Sphinx to plank, side hold
Pullups – Narrow, wide, reverse, chin to hand
Dips – Chair, chair and feet, free dips on bars
Shoulder press – Down dog, feet on chair, feet on stairs, handstand (top of head touches ground)

Lower body

Squats, pop squats, squat tuck jump, squat 180, squat 360, Pistols (1 leg squat)
Lunge front, lunge back , walking lunge, side lunge, foot on chair lunge
Box step up, double stair walk, sissy squat (on toes)
Calf raises, calf raise on stairs, calf raise on stairs one foot alternate


Vsnaps, crunch, leg up toe touch, full sit up, sit up double twist
Hanging leg raise, tucked leg raise
In and out, crunchy frog, bicycles front and back, flutters all 3 levels
Side crunch, russian twists, roll to boat hold


I recommend Tabata for cardio, 20 minutes and done, but work as fast as possible (20s on 10s off x8 = 4 minutes x5 rounds)

Jacks, squats, tuck jumps, lunges, knees up, heels up, burpees (all variations)
Mary Katherine lunge switch, long jumps or ski jumps (side to side)

How much? For everything except cardio try for anything from 200-800 total reps. Take something from each line or two from each and do anything from 3 to 50 of each. Here are a couple of examples of super easy workouts that you can put together for yourself with other items:


Double Block Jumps
v snaps

Pick a poison:
5x each one

5 chin up
10 push up
15 air squat

5 hip pullover
10 beam jumps
15 lunge switch

5 skin cat recover
10 leg lifts
15 vsnaps

5 ring inversions
10 dips
15 handstand shoulder touch

Five rounds, each for time of:
20 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
40 Sit-ups
50 Squats

And everyone’s favourite:

Chelsea / Cindy (Sub Burpees for Pullups if you have to)

Each minute on the minute for 30 minutes

5 pullups
10 pushups
15 squats

AMRAP – As Many Rounds As Possible in 20 minutes.

5 pullups
10 pushups
15 squats

Frosh Week Day 6 – The Last Day (Be A Gymnast)

straddle holdtuck planche
Since most of the people who this is aimed at are previous gymnasts this should be easy. For the rest of the world you need to start working on your gymnastics skills. It’s a tough sport to compete in but the skills you develop as a gymnast are valuable for all aspects of sport and fitness. So if you don’t have a handstand or a bridge or splits, get to work.

Day 6 – Memories of Gymnastics

5-10-15 for warmup

Chair or free dips


30s plank on hands
5 wall handstands @ 10 seconds
30s Bridge hold
10s straddle hold (hands only)

2 minute rest

60s plank on hands
10 wall handstand shoulder touches each side
10 fall to bridge recover or back walkover
20s Tuck planche hold

2 minute rest

90s plank on hands
10 Handstand half or full turn
10 Handstand bridge or front walkover
10 Free handstands hold as long as possible

2 minute rest

20 pushup side hold
20 free handstand shoulder touches (as many attempts to do 20 total)
20 pushup shoulder touch (40 touches total)
5 30s handstands assisted or against the wall

2 minutes rest and cry because you miss gymnastics so much…

Frosh Week Day 4 – Tabata Cardio. Who doesn’t love cardio amirite?

elf tabataFrosh Week Workouts Day 4
Cardio… because beer is carbs

Tabata protocol:
X 8

5 rounds is a total of 20 minutes of effort. SO WORK!!!

Jumping jacks
Mary Katherine lunge switches

Frosh Week Day 3 – Warmup and Stretch

perfect-split-leapTime for a rest, of course only if you have done the previous 2 days. This is not so much a day off as a chance to work back into your flexibility and is something that, if you don’t do yoga at the Student Gym, you are going to need to do twice a week. Those legs aren’t going to stretch themselves!

Frosh Week Workouts Day 3
Short workout plus stretching

3 rounds:
50 jumping jacks
25 Pushups
25 Double twist situps
60 second plank

3 rounds:
90s right split
90s left split
90s middle split
30s bridge
30s wall handstand


Frosh Week Workouts and The Return To TDEE

OTW_banner_UCS1So it’s been 10 days since I stopped the cut, went to Cuba on vacation and ditched counting calories in favour of what I would consider a major refeed. I learned a couple of things during this week, first that my strength takes a major hit when I am cutting, something that I have missed. Second, my sense of what is enough (in other words portion sizes) has taken a major turn towards normality. Even though I was not going to restrict my calories on vacation I just didn’t feel like I needed to fill myself every time I ate. Even once we got back home and had unlimited access to everything I love I just didn’t feel the need to stuff myself. This means that since the end of the cut I have only gained 2 lbs and have actually lost almost 2% fat which I know is not realistic. The only thing I can think is that for some reason adding back some carbs has filled me out a bit and fooled the scale into reading a different composition. Whatever the reason I am now sitting right at 227 at 17%. But now it’s back to reality, or should I say my new reality. I am sticking with keto for the near future, or maybe some would call it paleo / primal but basically just protein and vegetables with very little purposeful carbs. I am thinking about having a small rice or  yam snack after my workouts. 100g of brown rice for example is 23g of carbs, which is about what I was eating per day through the cut. The question becomes what can I tolerate before my body starts to modify it’s energy expenditures and storages. I know that science doesn’t change and that the same thermodynamic laws still apply regardless of what I eat as long as the TDEE number is the same but we all know that your body is a very strange machine and to a large degree what you eat is important in determining your personal efficiencies. So the plan is simple. 5 days back on cut to clear the system and get keto back working again. 1 week of adding an additional meal but not carbs. Followed by 1 week of the carb meal after workouts. I am thinking that I used to eat a rice and tuna snack and that should work.

As for the workouts, it’s Frosh Week at Universities all over Canada and in honour of those who have left, some for the first time, some for a second or more I am publishing some of my favourite workouts that you can do at home, in your dorm room or the living room that will at the very least clean out the cobwebs from the night before and burn some of those beer calories away.

Today is Barbara, not much to remember and enough rounds to get a decent workout. If you can’t do pullups (find a way!) then you can substitute pushup burpees.

One thing I will say to those of you at school. There are some exercises that will keep you in shape no matter what but you need to find a way to do them ALL. Also, if you love Crossfit, here is a link to 20 CROSSFIT WORKOUTS FOR HOME

Squats / lunges
V snaps
Kettlebell swings (for cardio there is nothing better – Kill the treadmill before it kills you)

For now, here’s Barbara

5 Rounds, rest 3:00 between each round:

20 pull-ups
30 push-ups
40 sit-ups
50 squats