R7D86 – Test Week Day 2 – Fit Test and Fran *light*

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Shaq and his strained calf… I was scheduled to do P90X Fit Test, Insanity Fit Test and a round of Fran. Unfortunately as I was getting to the end of the P90X Fit Test my calf brought me to a screeching halt. It is not as bad as last week, but only, I fear, because […]

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R6 Insanity:Asylum 1.1 – Fit Test

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The Athletic Performance Assessment was not too bad, I managed to keep up with the participants even though the in and out abs progressions really kicked my butt. Each move is done for 60 seconds, the count is by reps even though for some, one rep is all the way to the end of the […]

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Round 4 Days 26-28 (Rest Week) – Rest and Fit Test

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So I figured I should take some time to unwind my body and change things up a bit. I was scheduled for a 4 day run of Core Synergistics and Core, Cardio and Balance however after a day of running and one installment of CC&B I figured I would make a change. So instead I […]

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G90X is Dead… Long Live P90X Round 2

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Warning. This post contains reality checks, actual results and the effect of doing P90X without the nutrition to back it up. You have been warned. Well, no surprise that my transition to the gym didn’t work out as planned and now here I sit in worse shape than I was before I started the workouts […]

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