Text of Carbs against Cardio: More Evidence that Refined Carbohydrates, not Fats, Threaten the Heart

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Copied From Scientific American. Eat less saturated fat: that has been the take-home message from the U.S. government for the past 30 years. But while Americans have dutifully reduced the percentage of daily calories from saturated fat since 1970, the obesity rate during that time has more than doubled, diabetes has tripled, and heart disease […]

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R5D9-10 – Cardiopocalypse

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Being at home with the baby is a unique set of challenges in a lot of ways, not least of all when it comes to working out. I had to do my bench sets with the baby looking on with an even stranger look than when I did the RKC the other day. It is […]

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Forget What You Believe. Find Out What You Need To Know. Then Change (Now With Links!).

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Comrade, I Have New Hero. His Name, Pavel Tsatsouline. I picked up a kettlebell and it may turn out to be the best thing I have done in years. Well, that and going Paleo along with my discovery of High Intensity Training. You can’t help but love Pavel, and you can check out a review […]

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Day 35 – Couch Surfing

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It’s Sunday. Rest Day. Cardio day not stretch X. Nicole worked floor hours this morning and I stayed on the couch attempting not to sleep through the Hungarian Grand Prix. With Lewis Hamilton finally getting the success he deserves it should have been easy but even with the excitement of wheels falling off the cars […]

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