R5D12 – Modified WOD and TGU Plus Why Do HIIT (and not cardio)

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What burns calories best? Should I run 3 hours a day to burn fat? Why are you making us work so hard? All valid questions from my little proteges at gymnastics. Being as it is that I am their Strength and Conditioning coach, they often come to me looking for (simple) answers. Running 3 hours […]

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R5D8 – Plan So I Don’t Forget

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I am coaching tonight but before I do, this is my plan: For Time: 50 tuck jumps 1 sumo deadlift high pull 10 plyo box jumps 2 sumo deadlift high pulls 9 plyo box jumps 3 sumo deadlift high pulls 8 plyo box jumps 4 sumo deadlift high pulls 7 plyo box jumps 5 sumo […]

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Round 4 Day 32 – El Improvisario (FGB)

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I don’t know if that is even a word but my improvising skills are getting better and better as I try to keep up with some of the signature Crossfit workouts. Today, as promised, was Fight Gone Bad but since I lack the basic necessary equipment I had to improvise. The workout Rx (as prescribed) […]

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