Bootcamp 5.2.1 Cardio Agility With Blocks

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I’m pretty happy with the decision to modify our “cardio” day to be an agility day instead, not only does it seem that the time passes very quickly but it’s far more entertaining and challenging for the participants. It’s well known that agility / fast feet / light steps are the key to effective movement […]

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10.38 – Bootcamp Cardio / Sweaty Mess

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It has been hotter, but even so, I was reduced to a sweaty pile of twitching nerves and muscles after this one. Being fit is fun! D9 4.5.1 Cardio and Abs 2x section 20 block plank run 10 block burpee 20 block plank run 10 block pushup jacks 20 block plank run 4-8-12-16-12-8-4 jacks mary […]

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