Calm Down

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So the back issue passed apparently without incident however I was unable to really push myself as hard as I wanted this week. After Family Day off coaching I did a tuesday workout that I can’t really remember but I think was a P90X2 whole body affair. Wednesday was bootcamp and we did a cardio […]

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10.79 – Cardio Replaced With Abs

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D20 4.11.1 Abs Blast (No Cardio this week) 1x section 20 Pulse crunch 20 In and Out 20 swing kicks 20 Crunchy Frog 20 Side Crunch each side 1x section 20 standing Knee raise 20 standing leg raise 20 swing kicks 10 vsnaps 10 roll to boat 2x section Plank hold 30s Plank knee to […]

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R9D86 – Bootcamp Cardio Abs


Today was a hot one, I had planned to do a little more abs than cardio but when it came to the actual workout I realized I hadn’t really met my objective. Nevertheless it was a great workout, but with the gym being very warm it was a real challenge. Here’s how it all went […]

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R9D75 – Bootcamp 3.7.1 Cardio Abs

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I have been thinking that the cardio workout could be shorter and harder. That would leave extra time for abs every 3rd class which I think is a great idea. So that in mind, last night we did the revamped cardio class and added some abs stuff throughout and an extra section at the end. […]

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