Getting Behind But Staying On Top

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Work has been tough the last while, major issues, big projects and lots to do however I am not allowing my workouts to suffer. Bootcamp week 2 included lots of abs, day 1 was so that the wrist issues would not be a factor, day 2 was designed specifically for my one 100% healthy participant […]

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10.16 Bootcamp Day 3 – Abs and Cardio

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It’s going to be a hot one tonight so I think a little more abs and a little less cardio may be in order, we can always run each other into the ground next week! Here’s the plan: D3 4.2.1 Abs / Cardio (HOT DAY) 20 Pulse crunch 20 In and Out 20 straight leg […]

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10.2 – Rest. My Individual Challenge


Day 1 was a bootcamp that I modified on the fly to include mostly abs so I don’t have a good record of what we did. I can say it was lots of crunches, hip raises, some dog raises, flutters, standing elbow touches and boat to shoulder stand. My abs are sore today so I […]

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