R9D79 – Bootcamp Weights

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  D15 3.8.1 Weights 1 Arm x2 10 Press 10 Curls 10 Front Raise 10 Side Raise 10 High Pull 10 Chinups 1 Arm x2 10 Clean 10 Swings 10 Clean and Press 10 Swings 10 Snatch 10 Swings 10 Chinups 2 Arms x2 20 Press 20 Curls 20 Front Raise 20 Halo 20 High […]

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R9D72 – Bootcamp Weights And Flying Scissors

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Class was almost back to normal last night, even though my girls are not participating in preparation for competition on the weekend in Orangeville. I had hope there would be only 3 so I could throw in some Olympic lifting training but I had a total of 5 participants so it was back to the […]

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R9D67 – Bootcamp 3.4.2 – Weights And Stability

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This evenings workout was a pleasant surprise, it was very shoulder intense but it was enjoyed by everybody which is rare. Even I was a big fan of it I just wish we had kettlebells instead to do the workout because it would make the clean and press section and snatches so much easier. So […]

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R9D62/3 – PAP Upper Review and Bootcamp 3.3.2 Cardio

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So the bad news is that the knee issues continue, I am not sure why, if it is exercise related, rest related, standing at my desk related or what. I do recall that I have had occasional issues in the past for a few days at a time, I am hoping this will pass. It’s […]

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R9D58 – Bootcamp 3.1.2 – Bonus!

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Wednesday was bootcamp again, it’s our third round and this was day 2 and I was very happy to have a former athlete of mine and another former gymnast from the club turn up to participate. Attendance of the regulars was down but it was really nice to see that we have a few more […]

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