R9D66 – Bootcamp 3.4.1 Cardio With Blocks

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D7 3.4.1 Cardio with boxes 2x section 20 block plank run 10 block burpee 20 block plank run 10 block pushup jacks 20 block plank run 4-8-12-16-12-8-4 jacks mary katherine switch knees up heels up 2x section 10 step up and back 10 step up and over run around 10 block jumps 10 block jumps […]

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R9D59 and 60 – RKC at Work and Bootcamp 3.2.1 Cardio

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Week 2 of bootcamp starts with cardio. For some reason, maybe because I am slightly under the weather, my heartrate was the highest I have ever seen it during this workout. At one point I think I saw 172 on my HR monitor which for me is insane! Beats the elliptical that’s for sure! In […]

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