R9D55 – Bootcamp 2.12.2 Cardio. Last Day Of Session 2!

Sadly today was the last day of session two and we are losing at least one participant for the next 12 weeks. Having said that, we are hopefully going to gain a few more for the summer session that will start sometime mid June.

D24 – 2.12.2 Cardio

2x section
20 squat jumps
20 belt kicks
20 swing kicks
20 vsnaps

2x section
20 Hit The Floor
10 2 line Suicides
20 switch kicks
20 double switch sit up

2x section
5x long jump run back – single double triple repeat
10 river jumps
10 2 line suicides with burpee
10 ski abs

2x section
20 squat half turn
10 switch split 180 3+1
20 jack MK switch 1+1
50 happy knees to elbow

2x section
10 depth charge from knees SJ TJ
10 side to side suicide shufle
10 side to side suicide front and back
4 side knees up full line
10 roll and hold

20 jacks
10 airborne X
5 Diamond Jacks

R9D31&32 – Bootcamp Weights Plus Finally A Gap Day Workout (Plyocide)

<– Plyocide depth charge alternate, step up then step into tuck jump.

Bootcamp this week was poorly attended but nevertheless it was a tough one using 35lb plates in addition to the 8lb med balls. This was only the second time the participants had been able to move heavy weight around and I think it went well. This is what was involved:

Spin row warm up

20 air squats
20 step switch
10 each lunge up switch
20 each weighted calf raise
10 each lunge back leg up

add med ball

20 air squats
20 step switch
10 each lunge up switch
20 each weighted calf raise
10 each lunge back leg up

add plate

20 air squats
20 step switch
10 each lunge up switch
20 each weighted calf raise
10 each lunge back leg up

Abs – 25-15-10 free-med-plate

in and out
full situp
russian twist

Shoulder 15 with med ball

weighted box dip
upright row
box dip left leg up
shoulder front fly
box dip right leg up

Shoulder 10 with plate

weighted box dip
upright row
weighted box dip
shoulder front fly
weighted box dip

Abs – 25-15-10 free-med-plate

in and out
full situp
russian twist

Bonus Round

Pushups with plate on back – Mostly failed
Squat half bounce 20 with mb
Squat half bounce 10 with plate

It seems like a lot, but it went pretty fast. We did go overtime but only because we had to wait for the ladies to arrive in the snow.

Last night I decided to be good to my word for the week and try not to take off the day between my bootcamp classes which will make today the third workout in a row of fairly high intensity. I did plyocide last night and the one thing that came out of it was my realization that you don’t need a plyo box to do the depth charge move.

Tony has you step up onto a plyo box, jump down and explode up into a straight jump. Since I have 8 foot ceilings and no plyo box (even if I did I wouldn’t be able to use in inside) I have to modify this and I have found a perfect replacement. Instead of skipping the move completely, if you start on your knees you can step up to standing (alternating each leg) and it’s just like you are stepping up onto a box, then I perform a tuck jump just to stick it to Tony and his straight jumps. It’s a little harder, takes some balance but it’s a great substitution.

R9D28 – Bootcamp 2.5.2 – Bodyweight

Bootcamp was a fun time last night, another piece of hard work but some stuff we haven’t done in a while specifically some hip raises forhamstrings which left my hammies screaming. The big news though was one of my girls sprained her ankle on bars, luckily it should be fine but there were tears that’s for sure. Fortunately we are far enough from competition that I think it will be a non issue.

Here is the workout:

10 regular pushups
10 military pushups
10 sphinx to plank step or drop
10 pushup side raise
10 pullups

10 air squats reg
10 2 way lunge front and side
10 1 leg squat knee raise
10 air squats half bounce
10 pullups

20 in and out row
20 roll to boat hold
20 bicycle with leg extension
20 arms up in and out
20 pullups

10 pushup
10 clap pushup
10 plyo pushup
10 pushup side raise toe touch
10 pullups


10 dips legs bent
10 dips legs straight
10 dips one leg raised
10 leg lifts

regular pushups 10 decline 10 incline
military pushups 10 decline 10 incline
sphinx to plank step or drop 10 decline 10 incline
pushup side raise 10 decline 10 incline

20 Crunchy Frog
20 superman banana with vsnap
20 laying triple bicycles
20 full situps
10 shoulder hip raise
10 shoulder hold hip raise leg up
10 hip raise alternating arm reach
10 hip raise single shoulder to foot touch


R9D24 – Bootcamp 2.4.2 – Taking It Up A Notch

It was weights day at bootcamp and I thought it was about time I introduced the gang to the barbell and some olympic style lifts. Maybe I was being a little too ambitious but I figure if Crossfit gyms all over the nation can teach this stuff to people who are ill prepared and occasionally ill equipped physically then I should be able to get my (already fit) bootcamp peeps to do it. I also wanted to get some kettlebell style swinging with dumbbells (since we don’t have actual kettlebells) into the workout schedule since it’s a great full body workout as I regularly say.

The workout looked something like this:

Double Curls
Double Press
Squat high pull
chin ups

Alt curls
alt press
chin ups

db high pull
db clean
db clean and press

bb deadlift
bb clean
bb clean and press

Laying chest fly and press
Laying chest pullover 2 way
Shoulder fly side to front
Shoulder fly front to row

Each section could be performed with barbell or dumbbell but it was the teaching of the simple clean that had most people stumbling. I guess there are 2 factors here, one that pulling  a weight viciously towards your chin is perturbing for some and second that being a woman probably makes the move a little more difficult to master given the “obstacles”. They seemed to pick up the dumbbell swings OK however my comfort level with that particular move using dbs is not high. I would far prefer to get a set of 5 25lb kbs and do it that way, but I am not sure if the gym is willing to pick up the tab for that quite yet!

Since it is winter here and the temperature in my garage has been below freezing for some time now my olympic lifting has taken a far away back seat so after class I took a few minutes for myself and threw some 45’s on the bar and did the following:

10 Deadlift
10 Power Clean
10 Strict Press
10 Power Clean and Press

It has been a while since I did these movements together so I was a little wobbly, also I don’t usually do that much weight, since I typically do more reps but I was happy to crank out what I did especially given it was after a bootcamp class and I was nursing an already sore shoulder. Sad as it may sound for someone of my size but those were all PRs for those lifts since I started making notes on it over a year ago. I am fine with the notion that I may never deadlift 500lbs, my head is no longer 100% in that space and although it is hard to let go of the demon inside I think I have a much stronger muzzle on him now. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable evening at the gym.

Bootcamp 2 W2D1&2 – Cardio & Bodyweight Upper

I’ve been so wrapped up in the P90X2 reviews that I neglected to list the workout from Monday’s bootcamp. It’s now Wednesday night and we just completed Bodyweight Upper day so I will add that here too.

Week 2 Day 1 – Cardio

Wide leg squat to toes
Weighted Mary Katherines
2 foot slalom jump – 4 lengths
Long jump/straight jump – 2 lines

Air squats
Weighted Walking Lunge
Super Skater Kicks
Step up, jump down + Straight jumps over box

Burpee tuck jump
Hopping slalom 2 lines
1 leg squat with knee lift
jump 1/2 turns

Weighted shelf stack with abductor lift
Toe tap 360
Flying kick with back kick / scissor leap with needle
8 knees, 4 pushups, 2 plyo pushups, tuck jump

Bonus Round (x2)

20 jump ropes
10 block jumps
10 up and over the block
10 clear jumps

Week 2 Day 2 – Bodyweight Upper

Holding Stability Ball warmup

5 – 10 reps as needed

Plank to Sphinx
Pushup Balance

plank knee to elbow
plank knee to both elbows
plank x crunch – superman to elbow/knee touch

Stability pushup bounce
Stability pushup clap
Stability plank to elbow no step
Stability elbow balance Stability shoulder support leg raise
Stability shoulder support bicycles
Stability ab roll in
Stability leg hold leg raise
Stability ball passover

Medicine ball twists 4 in 4 out
Medicine ball around the world
Medicine ball leg lift
Medicine ball pushup switch
Medicine ball single military
Medicine ball single leg pushup
Medicine ball pushup balance
Medicine ball plank to floor plank to sphinx


Stability elbow roller crabs
Stability pullups?
The impossible possible – feet on Stability hands on Medicine pushup

This was a tough workout, it’s hard to get across the value of balance work when the participants are so used to working hard on moves that increase the heart rate. I think this workout was very valuable, we will have to see if they agree long term.

R8D66 – Bootcamp2.2 – P90X2 ARRIVED!!!!

Bootcamp was a good class last night, the weights area still not completed so we were on the floor with dumbbells and I think most of the participants are getting a sense of how much stronger they are getting now. The workout was simple:

Strength – burn holds – flex for 5 release for 1 repeat 5x increase weight repeat

To Burn:
90 degree bicep hold
side fly hold
front fly hold
laying tri ext 90 degree hold

WOD – 10 reps 3 sets

Wallball shots
double curls

double swimmers press
box dips with lap weight

double press with simulated chest fly
high pull

laying fly
laying pullover

But obviously the big news is that P90X2 arrived on my doorstep last night. The package is pretty click, just like most Beachbody products are, there’s a nutrition book, a big manual that outlines the workouts and the science behind the system and of course a little black book of DVDs. My diet is set, so I am really just in this for the workouts, and since I tend to do a lot of thinking and tinkering with my own bootcamp class I am hoping to both validate what I do and also pick up some more great moves for class. Today is something called X2Core which sounds like it works on your foundation strength, tying your core strength to your other bodypart movements. I will try and write a review of each workout as I do it this time and give my opinion. I just hope that it’s not a let down like I found Asylum to be. The funny thing is that in the manual they give you an optional workout schedule not with Insanity but with Insanity Asylum… Interesting…

R8D65 – Bootcamp Redux Day 1

Today was the start of the second bootcamp session, we are doing 2 days a week now so I decided to bring in the scale and let the participants get their bodyfat measured before we start and then after we are done. Two days a week of bootcamp should make a difference to them no matter if it is strength gain, weight loss or bodyfat loss. I have decided on a 3 day rotation for the class of bodyweight work, weights work and finally a cardio/plyometric day. That way, if they can only come one day a week they won’t get stuck with the same type of workout each time. So we did the weigh in and got to work. Since it is part of the gymnastics class now, the gym girls were there too which is going to make the class pretty big some days.

Before I list the workout though I want to just pat myself on the back a little if you don’t mind.

Last night when I got on the scale I was 231lbs and 15% bodyfat. Now it’s been a while since I posted any of my goals and even though I consistently tell people that it’s not the weight that is important, it’s the bodyfat, I still wanted to get under 220lbs. However, it seems as though I have somehow, without even realizing it, dropped to my goal percentage while my weight has (at times frustratingly) gone nowhere.

As an update seems appropriate so here we go:

Weight 295 lbs (I was probably too embarrassed to put 300!)
Bodyfat 30%
Lean Mass 206.5 lbs
Fat Mass 88.5 lbs
Waist 50″

Weight 231 lbs
Bodyfat 15%
Lean Mass 196 lbs
Fat Mass 35 lbs
Waist 37″

Weight 64 lbs
Lean Mass 10.5 lbs
Fat Mass 53.5 lbs
Waist 13″

I still can’t believe that I have managed to pull off 15% body fat, the last time I was under 15% was when I was at university!

As for the bootcamp peeps, the range was pretty healthy from 21-27% and to be honest I don’t expect to see much of a change since I think most of the participants could use some strength gains not percentage losses.

The class looked something like this:

Warmup followed by…
Cardio Warmup 3 rounds – slow med fast
jog heels up
jog knees up
jumping jacks

Chest and abs 3x60s with 30s rest

Regular pushups
Insanity in and out abs
Military Pushups

Arm support and abs 3×10 reps with 30s rest

ARX in and out
push up single balance
Ski Abs
Plank to elbow and back

Basic static legs – sets of 10×3
Air Squats
lunge walk then lunge kick
squat jacks
mary katherine switch