R11D107 – Going Sideways


I am maintaining my bulk workouts at the moment, waiting for the right time to switch into HIIT. Basically once the weather cooperates a little and I actually get to 90 days of workouts (I’m at 84 right now) I will transition. But at the moment I am still happy putting on the size and […]

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R11D66-70 Body Beast Bulk

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I have made it through half of my 10 day bulk phase, and I think that I may extend it a little further. The workouts are further divided so as to give special attention to the major body parts but here is what I have interpreted for myself. Bulk Chest Bulk Arms Bulk Shoulders Cardio […]

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R11D60-66 – Anaerobic Hell

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It’s strange how you forget your experience with certain types of exercise when you are away for a while. It’s been a while since I have done any TRUE weight lifting, and by that I mean real anaerobic, no cardio, hard weight pushing, heavy mechanical exertion. You forget about the searing pain of lactic acid […]

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