R7D74/7 – Summer’s Over, Time To Get Schooled

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This weekend I managed to do a 100 pullup / 100 35lb curl session in place of back and biceps and a run through of Insanity Max Interval Circuit. I worked out in the cool late summer rain and was invigorated by the winds of change… This time of year is a great time to […]

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R7D47-9 – Picking Up The Pace (and a shocking statistic)

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It’s funny how a little thing like a new heart rate monitor can affect your whole attitude and approach to your workouts. At some time we are all guilty of getting in a rut and forgetting that topping up your motivation is as important as topping your salad with avocado. Also, rewards play a really […]

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R7D38-42 – Pure Cardio. Pure Hell Part 3 (and the worlds worst excuse).

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I just realized that through the evolution of my workouts from my first days with Tony to my divorcing ShaunT, albeit temporarily, I have stuck to one notion when it comes to the Pure Cardio workout. After typing the entry heading I thought it looked familiar so I went back and checked. I already have […]

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Round 4 Day 37 – Gym Back and Biceps


All I had was a chin up bar and a pair of 35lb dumbbells but I still managed to wear myself out. 30 min of pullups double biceps pullups concentration curls. No frills, just pullups outside in the dark and dumbbells in the basement. Still, it’s better than spending $70 a month for a gym […]

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Round 4 Day 17-18. Plyo Plus Shoulders and Arms

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No, I did not do P90X Plyo, this was Plyometric Cardio from Insanity. Although I did toy with the idea of going back to Plyo once this round we will see. I made a quick and easy shoulders and arms workout that was OK for shoulders but not that great for triceps. I am not […]

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Round 2, Day 38 – Spinning Wheels and Invisible Tony

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I had a bad weekend, mostly due to the fact that I started to create a pass-through in our living room to get light into the dining room. That took a lot out of me on Saturday with the header building and the support work and then I had to coach on Sunday for one […]

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Round 2, Phase 2, Week 1 – Back Tweak = Back Day!!

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I am sporadic in my updating only due to the fact that I am sporadic in my work. I tweaked something in my back the other day and being cautious doesn’t really jive with what I am trying to achieve. However, I have found if I am careful and warm up properly that I can […]

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