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The Cut Is Over

It’s been a long and successful one, tomorrow I will have poutine for lunch to celebrate and after that I am off work for vacation for a week. The question is how to transition into what is essentially just adding another meal to the day without going overboard, throwing off my keto and allowing the […]

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What does my daily food look like?

I have been asked this a lot the last couple of weeks. Basically what has worked? Well, here is my response to someone who emailed me. Your story has a familiar ring to it for me. I never really knew what worked and what didn’t and when I did lose weight I would eventually put […]

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The Last 5 Pounds – 50lbs Down. Almost There.

So I am very fortunate to be in this situation. This cut has been the most successful cut I have ever done, I am actually within a cat’s whisker of being my final goal weight which is 100kg or 220lbs. It’s also a little bit awkward because since my “diets” haven’t ever managed to get […]

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Coasting In A Good Place

I have to admit I am in a bit of a coasting phase right now, my focus is primarily on my weight cut and as such I am basically cycling through the same workouts over and again. The cycle looks something like this. Bench, flys and pullovers for chest Pullups and deadlifts for back Squats […]

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Finally A Working Cut

Started June 6 at 250, after 16 days I am down 11.2 lbs. 800 calorie deficit seems to be the right amount for me. What has helped? Cutting dairy almost completely (that means not drinking milk for me). I still have a bit of cheese for breakfast and milk in coffee but I have stopped […]

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Past The Tipping Point – How To Weigh Less

There comes a time for most people in their fitness journey that they hit a wall of some kind, whether it is a bodyweight plateau, a lifting barrier or a time that they just can’t beat. This plateau has been hotly debated over the years and everyone knows that variety is the spice of life […]

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Protein Bars (with protein powder)

Makes 21 tiny bars in the epicure silicone tray I have so each one will have approximately:     130 calories 3g Carbs 12g Fat 7g Protein 2g Sodium .6g Sugars There may have been about a tablespoon of honey too, at the start I was afraid the mixture would be too dry, and it […]

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Coconut Oil Is The Shizzle

I know, there are articles everywhere about how wonderful coconut oil is and I for one am a firm believer in everything you read about the benefits but I thought along with a couple of my favourite links I would tell you my top reasons for loving Coconut Oil. First, I would like to say […]

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Keto or Paleo or Low Carb or High Fat. Yes.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there, that’s why I like articles like this, concise, accurate and with extra bacon bits of references. 10 Benefits of a low carb Keto diet…

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The Diet Pop (Soda) Issue


It should be self evident that diet pop is bad. Read the label, and  you should be able to recognize about as many ingredients as you could in antifreeze. Drink water, half water half juice, milk if you can tolerate it but stay away from chemicals. Even though there is no DEFINITIVE PROOF, look at […]

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