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R11D15-18 – Work Rate, MMA and Sick Child Obstacles

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2 days off with a sick child could drive anyone crazy. Hours on hours of Timmy Time and Shaun The Sheep interspersed with bouts of a bored 3 year old trying to find something to do which in case you are wondering is a VERY dangerous proposition. I am glad to say though that I […]

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Treating Myself (well deserved)

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I have been out of the gym for several years now. I do home workouts, I improvise my own equipment and make do with anything I can to help me stay fit. Now with the Black Friday sales, it’s time to treat myself and get a couple of essential things for the house. One is […]

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Still booting


With March Break and so on we had a disruption in service, however all is back to normal now and I am going to commit to keep more up to date. The problem with not keeping up is not only do I lose the record of what I have done and what I need to […]

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On The Rebound?

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It’s no coincidence that my ongoing struggle with this mysterious 8lbs I have gained is going hand in hand with my¬†inability¬†to keep up to date here. My focus is on work and family rather than on my fitness at this point and I need to redress the balance. Last week was a strange one, I […]

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