Weekly Now?

20131113_173636Last week ended well as far as exercise goes.

Wednesday I did 5 rounds of Chelsea plus a 20 minute Ab workout at gym.
Thursday off
Friday I did an all around 95lb Oly lift with combinations of DL, Clean and Squats
Saturday I did most of my FIRST EVER BODY BEAST workout. It was chest and tris and actually, I hate to admit it but I actually enjoyed it.
Sunday I took an hour of walking stairs with bins ranging from 10lbs to 60 lbs as I moved all the crap out of the garage upstairs to a store room.
Monday off
Tuesday I did another Oly lift day with everything but very fast and with only 75 lbs to increase the cardio component.
Wednesday I did Millenium Bronze, a workout that I invented on the drive home from work as follows:

Millennium Bronze

100 each:
Jump rope
Box Jump
Power Crunch

I think the Silver and Gold will have to be harder by degrees, I am thinking something like this (since it’s really aimed towards my kids at gym)

Millennium silver

100 each:
MK Switch
Squat jacks
Bicycle Elbows
Ultra Wide Pushups
Pop Squats
Diamond Pushups
Single Jack and Jills
Double box jumps
Layed out power crunches
Pushup Burpees

Millennum Gold

100 each:
Arms up MK switch
SDHP with KB
Pushups double shoulder touch
Pop Squat 180
Bar Leg Lifts
Double Box Clears
Bicycle Bicycle Vsnap
Plyo Pushups

Expanding and Increasing

350-780888-894__1I thought it was time to increase the weights and add a little variety. I am not bored, but I am definitely knee deep in a rut of Olympic lifts. I really need to start doing bootcamp workouts with the kids to get us all back into the habit.

Thursday – Off. Swimming seems to put paid to my workout efforts on Thursdays, it’s just at a really awkward time for me.
Friday – Pre-Coaching:
5×5 deadlift @95
5×5 Clean @95
5×5 deadlift @135
3×5 deadlift @185

Saturday – Painful back so rested.
Sunday – working but I will try to get the Kettlebell workout in that I have been craving:
@45lb KB
5×10 sumo deadlift high pull
5×5 Clean each arm
20 swings, 10 pullups
5×5 clean and press each arm
30 swings, 20 pullups
5×5 snatch each arm
40 swings, 30 pullups

5×5 Clean, Clean and Press, Snatch
50 swings, 15 pullups

My shoulder seems to be a little better this week and the painful kneecap issue seems to have gone away. I am taking Webber Naturals Joint Ease Glucosamine and Chondroitin that I picked up on sale at Costco a couple of weeks ago and I think that is helping a little. 3 caps a day for 1500mg Gluc and 1200mg Chon.


The Last Few Workouts

bodycryingThursday – 30lb shoulder cleans with medicine ball, 50lb deadlifts with heavy bag, 95lb deadlifts with barbell. 10 each x 10 rounds.
Friday – Off
Saturday - 30lb shoulder cleans with medicine ball, 50lb cleans with heavy bag, 95lb cleans with barbell. 10 each 10 rounds.
Sunday – 100 deadlifts 95lb barbell sets of 10. 100 shoulder cleans with 30lb med ball sets of 10.
Monday – Off
Tuesday – 50 deadlifts @95lbs. 50 deadlifts @ 135. Plus a little clean practice at 135lbs. Shoulder still problematic.

For the rest of this week I need a pullup workout, a dip or chest workout and a HIIT bootcamp workout plus 1 or 2 135lb barbell workouts.

My basic plan for now without gym workouts looks like this:

Deadlift / Squat Day
Clean / KB Clean and Press Day
Pullup and Dips Day
Multifunction HIIT / bootcamp Day
Plus whatever I can manage on my 3 gym days which at the moment is 1. Very Little and 2. About To Change.

If I can get to a point where I can do 2 days of HIIT at gym with the kids then I can start to work more aggressively on adding more weight to my deadlifts and maybe squats. I don’t think I want / need to exceed 135lbs for my clean and press at this point especially with a hurt shoulder. It will also give me what I consider the Absolute Minimum for consistency and that is 5 days work out of 7.

Time to stop talking and start doing…

A Word About P90X3 and Summer WOD Pictures (of the workout!)

As you all know very well I am a very big P90X fan, so much so I am actually a Canadian Beachbody Coach. However, the rumours surrounding the release of P90X3 have me a little worried. For a start, the big THING is that it’s only 30 minutes. Now, I have done a LOT of P90X and P90X2 workouts and for the most part after round 1 they are usually only about 40 minutes. I tend to shorten the warmup a little but I don’t listen to Tony ramble on, I skip to the next movement or even better skip ahead and then catch up while he and his pals rest and hang out looking cool and making pseudo sexual jokes about chokes and oil. My hope is that this next iteration is exactly that, as I always say to my kids at gym, More Work Less Talk! There should be some changes, I am guessing that they saw the Tapout XT video series and decided that was exactly what P90X needed, a little butt kicking MMA conditioning. So I am cautiously optimistic and I will happily ignore the 30 minute spiel and hope that it doesn’t include the warmup or cool down so they will be basically the same amount of work with less “50 years old” chirping from good old Tony.

For myself I am WAY behind where I wanted to be a few weeks ago but I am feeling OK. I wanted to have been to the Crossfit box at least a handful of times by now which I haven’t. I had hoped to be doing the gym conditioning with the kids which I haven’t either mostly because of my very sore shoulder which I have half a mind to go to the clinic to get referred for xrays or an ultrasound because it’s still hurting like hell from 2 weeks ago when I did dips at the gym with the kids.

Speaking of the kids, here are a few pics of the workouts they are typically doing at the moment. So for those of you following along at home (ex-gymnasts) keep up if you can!

Basic and Light

meteryardFor the past week or so I have been doing my regular olympic lifting, anywhere from 65-105 reps total. Last week I was able to do a day of just deadlifts at 135 which left me very sore indeed and so I decided to scale back a little and go back to 95 lbs until I am a bit more stable. So this weekend I did just cleans at 95 lbs and did 5-5-5-5-10-10-10-5-5-5 for 65 reps at 95 lbs. It really doesn’t sound like much but it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be. I have also added a little kettlebell swinging and/or some pullups. Last week I did 10 sets of pullups to see what my output was like. Well I only managed 65 total but at least that is 6.5 per set average. It is getting tough again with coaching 3x a week and trying to work out on the other 4 days plus squeeze a workout in at the gym either during the day or before I coach to make it 5x a week but time is such a challenge. That’s part of the reason I am getting back to my basic lifts, making sure I do deadlift, clean, pullups, bench, ring dips and squats during the week. My combo / bootcamp workouts will just have to wait for the time being until my back settles down a bit more and I get my capacity back up to scratch.

I am hoping to get back to 100 rep min workouts with 135lbs and multiple movements by October, but the way my back is at the moment, that may be a bit ambitious however I think it’s only sore because of how much I am doing. I can’t really gauge how well I am doing according to my pain level but rather by my capacity for work and that’s why the basics are so necessary as a yardstick.

I’m Back! P90X Kenpo

andersonsilvastarIt’s been a while, I have been battling many things, a very sore leg which may have a slight infection, a hacking cough that won’t go away, a significant weight gain that is preventing me from getting to a pain free plateau and a return to coaching that will no doubt throw a wrench into my workout schedule. However, I am glad to report that I have been able to do 2 workouts now using the 135lb olympic bar. It’s not the volume I would like to say I am doing yet but I made it through and recovered in the standard 3 days. This is pretty significant for me because it signifies the threshold that I wanted to reach where I could say I was back into my normal range of functionality. I now realize that I am going to have to start back with my regular stretching and mobility work too since I have been staying away from it in order not to stress my back too much but I know I can’t expect to move any significant weight around without maintaining a good stretching regimen. I have also done a couple of kettlebell workouts with my 45 and 55lb KBs which also represents a milestone given the amount of stress that KB swings put n your spine. My chinups are pretty sad, I am only able to hit about 7 or 8 in a row but I did manage to do a 100 pullup workout a couple of weeks ago mixed in with 100 ring dips.

I hesitate to say I am back to normal only because I still live with a huge amount of pain every day. I realize that the better I feel, the more I do so therefore it will be a while before I am able to feel “normal” but the good sign is that my actual workout weights are getting back there. My endurance is a whole other ball game. I am really gassing out very quickly and I need to really work on my high intensity capacity now, giving me a longer window of time where I can keep my work rate high. I am certain that there is no way I would be able to match my bootcamp capacity from last year at this point but hopefully before Christmas gets here I will be able to do a 750 calorie workout in 45 minutes which was my peak performance that I can recall from last year.

I did do P90X Kenpo last night, I wanted a little cardio and to feel like I was mobile and Kenpo really did the trick. It was so weird going back to those videos but the forced warmup and stretching did wonders for me. If I have to, I will go back to Tony to get me back n track with the warmups and cool downs since it seems to be that is a critical component to my next few months.

Mud Hero 2013

mudheroslide2013It was always my goal, right since I learned of my surgery in April to do the Mud Hero on August 24. I figured it would be a measure of my recovery and a test of my mettle.

I didn’t realize how much of a challenge actually deciding to go would be since I had thought that I would be almost fully recovered and ready for anything. That was hardly the case. The week before the race I was sore every day, my back was actually feeling very delicate up to the day of the race and even on the way there, I was still debating in my head whether to cheer my girls or suck it up and run. Since there is only really ever one answer to that dilemma I put on my big boy pants and headed for the start.

I was actually really surprised by how easy the course was this year solely due to the fact we knew what to expect. I remember last year not knowing how far or how hard to run and that lack of knowledge really sapped my energy. This year, knowing exactly where we were going and what to expect made it all the more easy. That’s not to say that I didn’t find it hard, it was terribly difficult given my lack of mobility for certain movements especially when it came to ducking under things, such as the first mud pool under the logs. There was not much running done by any of us, my loyal and wonderful athletes and co-workers stayed with me, and despite obviously being able to do much more than I kept up with the encouragement and added so much to the enjoyment of the day.

The course was very similar to last year, however they had bolted the car boot and bonnets closed so no surprises there and the water slide which almost made a lady out of one of our male competitors last year instead of letting out into a small forest went straight into a deep mud pool. They had added another mud pool with tubes up which you had to climb which was a little challenging given my girth but I am proud to say that I did not skip any of the obstacles and only finished about 15 minutes behind last year’s time.

It was an amazing feat for me, I am so happy I decided to run, I am certain I would have regretted not going if I had stayed off the course. I must also say a huge thank you to my wonderful wife who, instead of running the course, took the time to hang out with our daughter to watch her daddy make a mess of himself.

All in all, a huge success, and I guess the next few days will tell just how close to a full recovery I am but for now I can say that I made my pre surgery goal of competing in the Mud Hero only 4 months after back surgery… and I am old too!!

RehabD2 – Bench is back

marge benchI benched 275 today which is my full operating weight!! I also was able to do some pullups without the crunching and searing pain in my shoulder so all in all things seem to be moving along. I did maybe 12 sets of bench with various weights from 135 to 275 and probably a total of 50 or so pullups in varying sets of 3-7. Certainly not impressive for a healthy person, but pretty epic for me! I was at physio which left me a little sore, but other than that I felt OK during the day.

Gym conditioning

60s per item, 2 min rest

box jumps or pushups
in and out
squats or military
walking lunge
jack and jill
frog jumps or burpees


lunge walk + squat 10 lines with 20lb collar
5 stairs with collar
5 double stairs with collar

RehabD1 – Catchup. Let’s call my rehab August.

It’s time to start recording my workouts, although I use that term loosely, so that I can see exactly what progress if any I am making. Also I want to record the work my girls are doing at gym now we are all back.

The latest from the gym:

4 rounds:
20 hip lifts on box
15 box jumps
10 box pushups (decline and incline)
5 box jump burpee
10 box dips (plus leg us)
15 box runner taps
20 vsnaps

5 pushups
10 vsnaps
15 squats

5 rounds of 10:
burpee/pushup burpee/clap push burpee/pushup and in and out burpee
high box jump up / box jump squat
Frog jump / FJ jump full turn /FJ tuck jump
pop squat / pop half / pop jump full
full situp
military pushup / military clap / military shoulder touch
v crunch / jack and jill / vsnap crucnh double
Bonus: Walk of pain – Weighted walking lunge plus stairs x5

The latest from  home:


135 x 10 x 3
185 x 10 x 3
225 x 5 x 3

Oly lift @ 75lbs

Deadlift x5 x3 then x10 x2
Hang Clean x5 x3 then x10 x3
Clean x5 x4
Clean and press x5 x2
Kettlebell squat @55lb x 10 x 3

Leg day

rehab leg work for right quad, partial squat and leg extension
air squats 10 x 5
KB squats @55lb 10 x 4
calf raises singles and doubles x20 x5


Still booting

With March Break and so on we had a disruption in service, however all is back to normal now and I am going to commit to keep more up to date. The problem with not keeping up is not only do I lose the record of what I have done and what I need to do but I get a bit aimless in my workouts away from bootcamp and start to slack off.

Last week we did a bodyweight class with bosu that looked like the list below. After that I alternated with Olympic lifts (deadlift and clean) and a bench day, also a MMA day where I hung the bag in the garage away from everything breakable and did about 40 minutes of kicking and punching along with a little kettlebell swinging. However it all feels a little haphazard and unfocused. So I am going to try and put together a couple of weeks plan here and stick to it. I have to say I have been keeping up with the 5-6 days a week which I am happy with but I have also not been keeping good enough tabs on my dairy intake which I think is keeping me a little bloated.

Anyway, here is last week, I will post tonight tomorrow if that makes sense!

Balance Of Death

x2 in a row 1 off bosu 1 on bosu
10 regular pushups
10 military pushups
10 sphinx to plank step or drop
10 pushup side raise
10 pullups

Sit on bosu

20 in and out
20 crucnhy frog
20 knees to elbow alternate
20 in and out abs hands on upside down bosu
20 side crunch per side

x2 1 on BOSU 1 on SB
10 SB pushup boing
10 SB Burpee lift ball
10 SB Plank to sphinx
10 per SB elbow plank side raise

Feet on SB

10 regular pushups
10 military pushups
10 sphinx to plank step or drop
10 pushup side raise
10 pullups

20 Crunchy Frog
20 vsnap
20 laying triple bicycles
20 full situps

Arms on SB 20 360’s
Arms on SB plank to sphinx
10x feet on SB walk out and back
20x feet on ball face down roll ball in to chest
20x laying hamstring pull

20 laying leg lifts
10 per rainbow leg lifts
10 per scissor hold on count
25 per side to side scissor rapid


Burpee ladder – 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
on the minute every minute (10 min burpees)
rest in plank position.