TKD, “Real Food” and My Zero Carb Experience

kccosquirrelSo I am over my rest month, my strength is down, when I go to the gym I imagine people sniggering as they walk by me struggling under a 250lb bench. It’s been a tough month, it always is, forcing myself to go low weight and high reps, not allowing myself to hit failure, honestly I hate it. But I have to do it, at my age I can’t keep up the same super heavy regimen all the time, plus change is what causes growth not familiarity. So it’s time for the next thing and this time I will be modifying my diet again to see what works for me.

And that was a month ago.

This always happens. I take a month to wind down which turns into 2 and I get distracted by everything else and end up 10lbs heavier wondering where my motivation went.

I did modify my diet a little. I found that true zero carb was very deflating for me not only physically but also emotionally. But then I made an interesting discovery. I started the TKD which is targeted Keto, it just means that you can have appropriate carbs but only after your workout in the NIMGU window which I talked about a while ago. I bought some Rich Piana Real Food from Bulldog and set about seeing if it was going to work. Well, I was actually very surprised. After about 3 days of using the carbs after working out I was about 10lbs heavier and looked twice the size. I was shocked that only 30-40g of carbs a day would make that much of a difference. So for a couple of weeks I used the carbs after working out however I also wasn’t paying much attention to my total caloric intake and started to gain some size again. Since this wasn’t the goal I have been wrestling with it ever since.

That’s because I have a life changing decision to apply. A decision that has been made over the last couple of years and that is to keep my weight down regardless of if I am bulking or not. I used to fluctuate (in my desirable state) between 240-260lbs. I have since decided it’s probably best if I can keep my weight in the 220-240 range. This has not proven to be easy but only because of my propensity to over feed myself not out of hunger but out of a simple overestimation of what I need. Having spent most of my adult life eating too much it’s hard to understand mentally that what I see on the plate is enough.

I have since gone between the TKD and zero card finding that the days I don’t work out I just don’t need the carbs and since it’s basically every other day that it works out fine. If I feel a bit heavy I will just take a day or two off the carbs and my weight will fall a little. That said, I am not oblivious to the fact that I have less definition than I did and so my bodyfat needs some attention.

Seeing as how October 12 was my last post I think my focus and attention to detail both at the gym and in the kitchen and how it is reflected here needs attention also.

Merry Christmas everyone, I  hope I will be back before Santa comes.

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