30WOD Day 36 – Biggest Loser @ Work Starts – The Plan

ArnoldworkMy limp to the finish line looked a bit like this with some running (not a great day) and some arms (Lacking in the Crossfit world). I am workout number 28 today and I will review the whole thing this weekend.

Friday, 09/05/2014 24 Running hills 25 minutes – felt like hell
Saturday, 09/06/2014 25 Bench press 215 reps at 155lbs
Sunday, 09/07/2014 26 Hang cleans and pullups @135
Monday, 09/08/2014 26 off
Tuesday, 09/09/2014 27 Biceps and Triceps Day dips n curls 100 reps each alt

It’s been a long and weird summer. I thought when I started my summer workout planning that I was going to try and go for some weight loss, get back to 230 where I was before my second back surgery. Then I got caught up with Body Beast and was lured by my addiction to the pump back into thinking that size matters above all. It’s not that I have been unhealthy but I do know that subconsciously I have been piling on the weight both on my frame and on the bar and kind of enjoying being a bit of a monster again. But it’s time for that to end, I am ungainly, my pants don’t fit any more and lumbering around in the gym coaching gymnastics I am frightening the small children. The all too famous R12 was supposed to cover me off for the summer and give me an HIIT workout pattern to make sure I stayed in cardio shape as well as including my Olympic lifts. I am not exactly sure where it went so pear shaped but I do know that by August I seem to have wandered severely off track. I think the problem is that having a framework is great, but if you are trying to coach yourself then you really need to nail down day by day what the workout will be so that you don’t have any decisions to make on the day that will be exposed to mood swings, apathy, laziness etc. That’s the secret to P90X etc, a daily no exceptions rule that you just do it. That’s why when you compare June and July with August it’s night and day, at least during the 30WOD workouts I was able to just do as I was told and if not, I always had a craving for something. Yesterday for example I wanted and really felt like I needed a good biceps and triceps workout. There are ring dips in Crossfit but try and find an isolated bicep workout… So I was happy to do arms like I used to do with Tony only heavier and faster.

Which brings me to what will happen after 30WOD is over. 60WOD? I did think about that, but I am finding that the workouts occasionally are short and my brain, after doing what it was told to do is very, and I mean VERY resistant to add more stuff. What I should do is take the 30 workouts, pick the 10 I liked best and worked best for me and add them to some pure Cardio (probably Insanity) 2 days a cycle. Weeks are becoming less and less relevant at this point and my workouts I think I will cut into blocks rather than adhere to a 7 day regimen. For example if I am planning to do 8-% workout density then maybe I need to work on an 8 day sched, 4 days on 1 off x2. My only glaring habit seems to be taking Fridays off and with coaching the cardio days can easily be T25 instead of full Insanity. I am just thinking here, don’t hold me to this. But, thinking about it with a 4 day split which is relatively normal in the workout world I would require the following:

1 Cardio Day
2 Heavy Days
1 Light Day (high reps or yoga type day once very 10 days)

The only issue I would run into would be potentially not doing the right body part splits however since most of the things I do are full body that is less relevant and if I make sure that I balance my efforts I would be able to do WODs I like and Oly lifts I want without sacrificing anything. My split would potentially look like this:

1. Heavy Oly
2. WOD
3. Cardio
4. WOD / Light Day
5. Off
6. Heavy Oly
7. WOD
8. Cardio
9. Light Oly / WOD
10 Off

What has initiated this? Well, not only is it the Biggest Loser at work starting but my weight when I got on the scale at work was scary. 274lbs. That is a full 40lbs over where I would like to be and while there is probably a good 8lbs of clothes, extra water etc for Day 1 in there, it’s still pretty bad.

So this time there will be weekly pictures, a daily regimen to follow and in 3 months a win for me! What is my goal? I want to be back under 235 lbs by end of year. There, I said it. 3 months roughly 39lbs is 13lbs a month or 3.25lbs a week. Totally doable given my current bloaty self. All it takes is a little hard work, right?

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