30WOD Day 5 and 6 – Not Quite…

your-photo-showsHandstands, as has long been the case, are not easy for me. My balance while inverted is not something I have a great deal of control over. I think it’s because my control of my body is largely restricted to large muscle groups rather than the fine motor control it takes to achieve and maintain an inverted stance. That and getting 250lbs upside down is a massive undertaking. I mean how many guys my size do you see doing handstands? Not many I bet. Anyway, I was not to be defeated before starting so I diligently coached myself into a handstand in the basement before going out onto the deck to do some handstands against the wall. I noted the lever position, the arms high, the head position while inverted and even the force from an arched position into a straight body. But the chance of anything like a pushup happening was absolute zero. I did get a bit of a thrill from holding the handstand away from the wall, if only for a second or two, however the pain it brought across the top of my back and into my neck was not welcome. So I moved to the WOD and ended up doing the squats and the deadlifts and kick to handstand instead of handstand pushups. It was still a pretty good workout and I can now say that I have started on the journey to mastering a skill that (like pullups once upon a time) was something I considered beyond my reach.

Day 6 I decided to do some running, and because my distances were a little messed up I ended up doing almost 3k. I was supposed to do the following:

100m run 100m walk
200m run 100m walk
300m run 100m walk
400m run 100m walk

then repeat for a total of 2k. I actually ended up doing an extra 500m at the end of each round to get me to 3k. It was not bad, my legs are sore from the handstands which is weird and I skipped the posted WOD which I will do tomorrow as show below:

Front Squat (3-3-3-3-3)
Take 15 min to find a 3 rep max Front Squat
Metcon (Time)

For Time

5 Rope Climbs
50 Front Squats @ 95#/65#
5 Rope Climbs


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