R11D37 – Weekend Away

niagara snowWe had a night away on Friday in Niagara Falls at the Marriott Fallsview. It was a nice hotel but because it was 700 below with the wind and blowing a gale the fact that it wasn’t actually attached to the casino was a little inconvenient. We did take a cab one way but my decision to walk home via the front of the casino meant I was in the wind the whole way, I seriously thought I was going to get hypothermia or frost bite since I had no hat. Anyway, the rooms are very nice, we had a falls view with 2 queens which was perfect. The bathroom was nice, a single function rain type shower head into a tub. The TV was a big flat screen which is expected nowadays I suppose and the place was overall very clean. We got $25 coupons for Milestones so we went there and had dinner (Steak and yam fries) which was pretty good, it is also noteworthy that we had another coupon for a free breakfast buffet and $25 casino play cash. Not a bad value at all since we only paid $149 for the room.

Before we went to dinner I went to the gym which was small but nice, some dumbbells and a large rack type pulley gym. Also, several treadmills and ellipticals. My workout was largely dumbbells something like this:

25 lb db 10 press 10 pullups
30 lb db 10 press 10 pullups
35 lb db 10 press 10 pullups
40 lb db 10 press 10 pullups
45 lb db 10 press 10 pullups
50 lb db 10 press 10 pullups

25 lb 10 fly 10 cable lat straight arm pulldown
30 lb 10 fly 10 cable lat straight arm pulldown
35 lb 10 fly 10 cable lat straight arm pulldown
40 lb 10 fly 10 cable lat straight arm pulldown

Finish with some low cable chest fly pulling up to head height

Saturday after we got home I decided to do an RKC workout with my 55lb KB as follows:

Clean and press, alternating arms

Doesn’t seem like much, but it killed me to do the cleans from the floor and I think I was not smart not to use shoes, it’s been a long time since I did RKC with no shoes and it’s different than barbell cleans for your feet.

Monday I took off since today I am supposed to be going back to my old gym (Super Secret Hideout Gym) on a guest pass with my cat.

Saw the La Rocca Cake van again today and I was reminded how much their logo reminds me of something…

larocca closeenough


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