Bootcamps Wednesday Cardio

This was the first time in a long time we have done cardio of any kind. I didn’t like it but at least it gave us a chance to hit the events hard afterwards.

Cardio Legs and Agility over foam rollers

10 Air Squat
10 Jump squat
10 step over fwd and back with tap
10 jump over fwd turn and fwd

20 air squat
10 horse stance jacks
10 over and run around back
10 jump over and run back
walk stairs 10 times

10 pop squats
10 super skater elbows each side
10 toe touch knee raise
20 frog squats no jump
walk stairs 10 times

10 squat jump over
10 super skater cardio jump over
10 single leg squat jump over
10 frog jump over
10 Sissy squats against wall

10 double squat jump over
10 super skater doubles with elbow touch
10 double single leg squat jump over
10 frog jump followed by jump over
10 sissy squats against wall
Walk stairs 10 times

Adding skills

5 jacks then jump over x10
5 MK switch then jump over x10
20 side to side jump
5 pushups 5 jumps x5

10 single burpee with jump over
5 jacks 5 jumps x5
10 single burpee with 5 jumps
5 sphinx to plank 5 jumps x5

Any time left?

25 in and out
10 roll to boat hold
25 in and out arms up
50 crunches
25 side crunch each side
25 floor leg lifts butt up

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