Calm Down

So the back issue passed apparently without incident however I was unable to really push myself as hard as I wanted this week. After Family Day off coaching I did a tuesday workout that I can’t really remember but I think was a P90X2 whole body affair. Wednesday was bootcamp and we did a cardio abs session similar to the last one but with variations I will have to embellish on next time. Thursday I did another P90X2 workout of PAP Lower, a workout I had never done before and which I enjoyed but it made my already sore ITB even worse. Today I took off, partly because I was sore but also because there were really no kids to do gymnastics conditioning with. It’s been a tough week with the threat of back spasms or a lengthy downtime hanging over my head but I hope starting tomorrow I can turn up the wick and get back to the serious work of keeping myself in shape.

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