Ending On A High Note

new-year-143aOver the break I have so far managed to keep things on track, I did a deadlift workout at home and also did X2 Core which I have to admit I really enjoyed if only for the fact that it’s 18 non-repeating exercises. I haven’t really thought about what I will do for the New Year, if anything, since I think things are going OK. However, I think I may dial back on the HFULC approach since not having any carbs at all makes my snacks and meals very high calorie and I think that is going to push me in the wrong direction. I am going to start documenting my weight and stats more closely, maybe including photos since that seems to be the greatest motivation for me.

Which brings me to my ever present New Year’s Resolution. I said last year that it would be the first time in years that I hadn’t included “lose weight” as the number one on my NYR list. Well, this year is the same, I think my weight is manageable at 230 – 235 lbs but I think this year I will concentrate on something more difficult, and that is to lower my bodyfat. I have been skating around 18% for a while now, and I would really like to try and get down to 15% if possible in the next few months. I am not entirely sure what changes I am going to have to make to get this to happen but I will keep logging it here to let you know what I figure out.

Happy New Year everyone, I hope your 2013 will bring you everything you deserve!

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