10.46 – Bootcamp Cardio

I know my participants hate cardio day and to be honest so do I. That’s why I try to throw in some abs and occasionally some Yoga or something to lighten the mood. Last night was a tough one though, nobody seemed in the mood and the class was tough from start to finish. However, it’s not my job to pander to the groups feelings nor even to my own whims but rather to run the program to get us all as fit as I can. So we sucked it up and made it through…

D12 4.6.2 Cardio

2x section
20 Hit the floor
10 3 step Suicides
20 switch kicks
20 in and out abs
10 side crunch

2x section
10 Frog jumps
10 switch lunge
10 stance jacks (foot touch)
10 vsnaps
10 roll to boat

1x section
5x long jump run back – triple triple repeat
10 tuck jumps
10 river jumps
10 ski abs
10 bum lifts
10 ski abs
10 river jumps
10 tuck jumps

x1 section
10 2 line forward and back suicides
2 lengths sprint runback switch
2 lengths long jump tuck jump
20 plank jacks
10 plank jacks with in and out

x2 section
10 X Jacks
10 diamond jumps
10 wide knee tuck jumps
10 vsnaps
10 rollback hold to shoulder stand

x1 section
5x low jacks and pulse 4+8
10 burpee with half turn
20 knees up same elbow
20 knees up opposite elbow
40 happy dance
20 knees up opposite elbow
20 knees up same elbow
5 burpee with half turn
5x low jacks and pulse 4+8

x2 section (actually only did 1x)
10 archover ball situps
10 back extensions feet down
10 side crunch each side
10 back extensions feet up
10 hands down roll ins
10 heel roll ins on back
90s of shoulder burners

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