10.4/5 – Wrench In The Works

10.4 – Rest (sick)
10.5 – RKC at work (scheduled as WOD at gym)


I am not sure what it was, but the last couple of days my stomach hasn’t been right. For that reason I took the day after Bootcamp as a rest day and then in preparation for not being able to do conditioning at gym I did my RKC at work. Turns out it was a good call, the kids didn’t show for class so I was given the night off.

My RKC at work was basic

5C&P per arm x3
20 swings
5C&P per arm x3
20 swings
5 snatch per arm x2
20 swings
5C&P per arm x3
5C&P per arm x3

It’s usually over in about 30 minutes and it is the perfect portable workout.

I’m trying to recover from the mysterious bloating and cramping I am feeling, hoping it’s just a mild stomach bug.


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