Round 7 – Conclusions

I found this round to be as entertaining as you can really make home fitness. There is a lot of variety, a great deal of flexibility and the ability to navigate away from certain workouts and exercises should you need to. However, since I scheduled on a day to day basis and was consistently unable to make Monday and Wednesday’s KB workouts I was a little frustrated. I have 2 options to combat this. I can set a total number of workouts for the round and just do each one on every available day, never skipping a workout. That way I can guarantee I will do every workout I have on the rotation. Second, I can schedule 5 workouts for a week and pick and choose which ones go where. This option is a little more flexible but also less likely to produce predictable results. The problem with choices is that everyone, myself included will go for the easy way out 9 times out of 10. At least having a set schedule but no set time I will guarantee that I know what I will be doing ahead of time.

I think for me that is key.

Also, I wanted to stop with the round numbers but I am not sure what else to do so for now, R8 it is!

Since I don’t need to take it slow for the first month, I can jump in with 34543 and 55555 on the RKC without a problem. The rest I think I am going to do on a daily basis rather than schedule them for week days.

So here is the plan for the first 28 workouts which I will try to execute within 35 days.
1-34543 C&P plus 5 TGU plus 123 C&P+Snatch
2-Chest & Back, Ab Ripper X
3-55555 C&P
4-Plyometric Cardio Circuit
5-Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper X
6-Pure Cardio
7 FOY Yoga With Tony
8-34543 C&P plus 5 TGU plus 123 C&P+Snatch
9-Chest & Back, Ab Ripper X
10-55555 C&P
11-Vertical Plyo
12-Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper X
13-Pure Cardio
14-FOY Yoga With Tony
15-34543 C&P plus 5 TGU plus 123 C&P+Snatch
16-Chest & Back, Ab Ripper X
17-55555 C&P
18-Plyometric Cardio Circuit
19-Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper X
20-Pure Cardio
21-FOY Yoga With Tony
22-34543 C&P plus 5 TGU plus 123 C&P+Snatch
23-Core Synergistics
24-55555 C&P
25-Cardio Recovery
26-Core Synergistics
27-Core, Cardio and Balance
28-Yoga X

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