R8D1&2 – A New Beginning

Big RKC day on Round 8 Day 1 (Monday), and I have to say I am not about to lose my love of kettlebells any time soon. What an awesome workout it is!

Day 2, Tuesday, was scheduled to be P90X Chest and Back and for a little added extra I decided once again to do the workout with my Mir Weighted Vest. So I loaded up 20lbs and set about the workout. Now 20lbs doesn’t seem like a lot, especially since I have lost 60lbs over the last year however once you strap it to your back and start working you would be amazed at how much it impacts your ability.

Usually I can crank out about 50 pushups each round, but with the extra I struggled to get 30. Not only that, but I found that my performance really started to go downhill during round 2 of the workout. I am so used to it now that I hit the same numbers both times through, which is partly why I wanted to do the extra weight. This time however, I remember doing the decline pushups which is usually an easy 30/30 for me but this time I only managed to crank out about 12 on the second round. It was a little humbling, but at the same time completely awesome!

I am starting round 8 with some difficult times ahead, and it’s going to be a challenge getting everything squeezed in while protecting myself from injuries, past and future. I am probably coaching 3 days a week again, and if not, certainly coaching 2 and leading a fitness class on the 3rd. Couple that with the baby, of course, a niggling calf injury, and a desire to once again get my weight moving in a negative direction and you have a recipe that will require a great deal of attention to get right.

I’m not about to compromise though.


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4 Responses to “R8D1&2 – A New Beginning”

  1. Wife

    Don’t forget about me in the last paragraph 🙁

  2. admin

    You’re not a challenge! You’re my inspiration! 😉

  3. shane

    I will be watching your progress during this round. Good luck!

  4. admin

    Shane, I caught up with your site today, I will be watching you too. Take it from me, the other side of 40 only makes things harder. Get it done now while you can. I tried 240 by 40 as motivation and didn’t make it. That, in a word, sucked!

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