Don’t Tell Me You Can’t. Don’t Tell Yourself You Can’t or You Won’t.

I presently have difficulty with… says Tony. I tend to say I’m working towards it…

Some things are going to be harder than others…

It’s not just the rope jumping either, it’s the handstands. But I guess if you don’t have something to challenge you and to work towards then what is the point right? A simple double under would do for starters…

However, there is no accounting for life. I have been laid up with back pain for the last few days unable to do much of anything. I did try to get through both Strength and Speed and Agility but had you seen me you would have thought I was doing Suck and Stupid and Awful instead.

It does however put me in a position to be going into Game Day and maybe (at last) a shot at relief. Tomorrow is the final weigh in for Biggest Loser at work and so I really have to do something tonight to get into the ballpark to make this profitable.

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