Day 25 – It’s about time!

Stretch X

About time, it is now Thursday of rest week and we are finally getting a break. Even I, with my Tin Man flexibility, find a degree of relaxation and soothing wellbeing in Stretch X.

Dignity is overrated anyway

So I am working out in the basement, towards the end of the day when the sun is shining in through the walkout glass doors. This means that on days like today I can actually stretch in a large strip of sunshine as it floods in through the patio door. I feel like a big lazy cat stretching out on the one strip of warmth, it’s a very surreal feeling but it really REALLY is relaxing. I am pretty confident that the neighbours behind can’t see in, since they are almost 1/4 of a mile away but then again even if they could why would they bother watching some guy stretching. That would be weird.. for them I mean.

What can I say about stretching, my flexibility is better although my middle splits is just laughable even after the last 3 weeks of working on it. For some reason my inner thighs and hamstrings are incredibly tight and getting any sort of progress is, I fear, going to be incredibly slow. However, even with the slow progress I feel a lot less tension in my lower back from my hamstrings which is a huge bonus. I always felt that a large part of my problem with my back stemmed from my legs whether it was tight hanstrings or ITB shortening creating a pulling on the lower spine crushing the vertebrae together. All I know is that once I started doing ITB stretches I found a great deal of relief during those days when my back would have a dull ache all day. In fact I was so happy I shared those stretches with people here: so that anyone with the same post-surgery pain as I had could find some relief.

I also found some of the entries from when I did the original P90 program way before P90X came around. Apparently I was just as hostile and my behaviour just as erratic as today. This was posted November 15, 2005! Check it out:

Day 4 – I Hate Tony!.

Last night we did the cardio workout after dinner. Not smart. I really have to remember either to eat a lot less before the workout OR to do the thing right after work so I don’t feel like a bag of pudding in the back of a pickup truck! Now I realize that it is only day 4 today which means that we have only done 3 workouts so far but I already harbour a festering hatred of Tony the guy in the video. Lucky for Nicole she gets to go do Yoga Booty Ballet if she wants to, but since I can’t see myself doing Yoga or Ballet and I have no booty then I guess it’s me and perky boy with the poor sense of humour.
Speaking of which, my clothes are just as tight and all I have lost so far is my sense of humour.

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